Aboriginal Funeral Chapel provides end of life services to meet the unique needs of the Aboriginal and Metis communities in Winnipeg - home to one of the largest urban populations of indigenous peoples in Canada. 

Aboriginal customs surrounding death are distinct from the funeral practices of the most others in our society so we focus on supporting the traditions and cultural rituals that provide those we serve with comfort and a sense of dignity at a time of loss. 

Our staff is available 24 hours a day to accommodate customary wakes late into the night or even throughout the night and right up until the time of the funeral service. We also provide a kitchen and reception room and encourage families who wish to do so, to bring their own food to host a traditional feast. 

Aboriginal Funeral Chapel also regularly serves those from many distant communities when a death occurs in local hospitals. We offer care and services in our Winnipeg facility and then assist in making arrangements to return the individual to their home community for traditional burial. 

Founded more than 25 years ago specifically to offer services that respect and facilitate the traditions of our Aboriginal peoples, we remain committed to that mission to this day.