About Us

Established in 1991 to serve the unique needs of Winnipeg's significant Aboriginal population, today Aboriginal Funeral Chapel is a trusted service provided to many of the more than 60 First Nation bands across Manitoba as well as bands in Saskatchewan and Ontario. The firm offers traditional services in Winnipeg and assists with the transportation of those from remote communities back to their homes for services there. The care and support of those left behind is our first priority, honoring the traditions that bring them comfort and, often, aiding families who are dealing with loss while far from home. 

We understand the importance of culture and tradition at the time of loss and take pride in having both the knowledge and the flexibility, in our services and surrounding, to create a comfortable environment and relaxed atmosphere where each family and community can observe their own traditional practices. As music and song are important elements in native culture, we have guitars on hand and encourage families to bring drums or other instruments. We can also provide a smudge bowl along with sage, sweetgrass, tobacco, and cedar. 

We have a wide selection of burial clothing available, including suits, tuxedos, and hand-made white dresses, and can accommodate those dealing with the loss of a child. Our selection room also includes a broad range of floral arrangements. 

Upon the retirement of the founder of the firm in 2005, Peter Kilcollins, a third generation funeral director became the new owner and managing director of the Aboriginal Funeral Chapel.